With over 32 years within the private security industry and still very much active within the security I provide expert witness services on many aspects of the private security industry such as control and restraint and I am available to give in-depth analysis on matters related to the Use of Force as well as other security related issues. I am free to consult on areas including use of force, physical restraint, handcuffing, critical decision making in an emergency, et al.

Have a minimum of 32 years industry experience

Have been crossed examined on many criminal cases

Have 50% workload as an expert witness

Have been trained in what is required of an expert in criminal and civil procedure in Scotland

  • I act as independent and impartial expert witness on use of force cases for claimants and defendants, and as a single joint expert for civil litigation, criminal cases and arbitration.
  • I apply my 32 years expertise in security, use of force and root cause analysis to the investigation of incidents and accidents that are or may become the subject of litigation or criminal prosecution.
  • I have been appointed as Expert Witnesses on behalf of claimants, defendants and as single joint expert, providing advice at mediations and evidence in both civil and criminal cases.

Each investigation is tailored to the particular circumstances of the case, with myself providing clear, concise advice, confidential advisory reports and disclosable reports to private or commercial clients, insurance companies, loss adjusters, solicitors, and Counsel.

An investigation may require one or more of the following:

  • Consideration of photographic, cctv, mobile phone or body-cam evidence and witness statements
  • Site or venue inspections or incident examinations, which could be on a joint basis with experts appointed by other parties
  • Consideration of British, European or International Standards, technical literature and best practice as opposed to minimum standards of training in physical restraint
  • Consideration of other expert witness reports and producing rebuttal statements
  • Preparation of preliminary advice, or a legal report
  • Attendance at a conference with Counsel, mediation or Court.

I have established a reputation for technical excellence, objectivity and the provision of reliable advice to clients on various security related topics.

Description of expertise
  • 32 years active service in door supervision
  • Control and restraint instructor
  • Physical intervention coach
  • Subject specialist to awarding organisations and publishers
A very small selection of my previous activity on cases
  • Use of force by a security guard alleged to have used force against a minor when challenged on trespassing on a private site.
  • Use of force by a door supervisor using a rear arm lock on a customer on a stairwell resulting in injury to complainant.
  • Use of force by use of a pre-emptive strike to off set a greater risk of being stabbed by a sharp edged weapon.
  • Use of force by prison officers during a prolonged restraint resulting in death.
  • Use of force by door supervisors during a prolonged restraint resulting in death.