New Zealand Security Guard tackles trespasser

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Oct 23

A Security Guard at a New Zealand shopping mall in Christchurch, South City has been ‘stood down’ temporarily pending an investigation after a video surfaced on a Facebook group page of the security guard tackling a female trespasser. 

In the video, taken just before 8pm on Thursday 22nd Oct, the mall security guard asks the female to leave the South City mall and when she refuses, the security guard grabs her and takes her to the ground.

Shortly before the incident the woman was witnessed screaming at the guard, where the security guard shouts at her to "get out of my mall”.

South City Mall in central Christchurch

A spokesperson for the management at the South City Shopping mall said the woman had trespassed at the shopping centre and her friend who was also trespassing had made the video which was then shared on Facebook. The video was shared more than 500 times and then taken down quickly after attracting many comments supporting the security guard.

A police spokesperson said two people were taken into custody following the incident. Photo / Facebook

"We have launched an internal investigation and the matter has been referred to police," a spokesperson said.

"We have asked our security contractor to stand down the employee involved while the incident is fully investigated."

The woman who filmed the incident said she wanted to show the video to police, and was told they would have to go to a police station and file a report.

Both women went to the police station and were then arrested for trespassing.

South City Mall in central Christchurch

South City Mall in central Christchurch

The woman admitted that they had both trespassed at the mall's Warehouse before, but not from the mall itself.

One of the women said they did walk into The Warehouse briefly, then went back into the mall, but denied either of them stole anything.

A police spokesperson said two people were taken into custody.

Police said they were called to reports of two people behaving aggressively after allegedly being caught shoplifting.

A police spokeswoman said the pair left the mall before police arrived. Police made inquiries and both women into custody. 

”Two 21-year-old women are due to appear in Christchurch District Court on October 26 charged with wilful trespass. Other charges are likely."

They have been charged with willful trespass and will appear in court on October 26.

The security guard has not been reported to police.

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